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Rosette Nebula NGC 2237

   Rosette Nebula NGC 2237

Galaxy M83 in Hydra

   Galaxy M83 in Hydra



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Istituto Scientia

Astronomy can be considered both the oldest and the newest field of science. In ancient times, it was mostly astrometry. Nowadays, it is mostly astrophysics.

The purpose of the websites Astrophysical.org and Astrometry.org is popularization of astronomy, astrophysics, astrometry and celestial mechanics. These websites can be useful to professional astronomers and astrophysicist also. They are maintained by Istituto Scientia.

Istituto Scientia is an association of scientists, including astronomers, astrophysicists, and physicists, and of amateur astronomers, philosophers, generic intellectuals and common people, interested in astronomy and its modern branch, astrophysics (today most of astronomy is astrophysics) and other sciences related to the fundamental level of the universe, and to mind and consciousness. At this time the President is Dr. Fabrizio Coppola, a physicist. The former President (until August 2004) was Mrs.Nora Lombardi, who had no specific degree in this field.

The Istituto Scientia attitude to knowledge in this field was not only scientific, but also philosophic and humanistic, just as the Latin word "Scientia" suggests. This approach has proved to be successful.

The origin of this Organization can be traced in 1996, when an Italian association called Istituto Scientia (that in English would sound as Scientia Institute) was created, dealing with research and study about the universe, its origin, its meaning, and connections (if any) between the fundamental laws of physics and life, mind and consciousness. This association was registered in Italy in June 2002. However, several associates are from other countries.

Our server is located in California, USA. The association is still based in Italy and is regulated by Italian law (that is quite liberal about associations). A representative office is to open in the USA in 2006 or 2007. A telephone number in New York City is already available: 212-631-4258.



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